Where to Download MiniSAP?

There are four options available to experience the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP Stack¬†free trial. Each one has it’s limitations based upon the target environment it is intended to be used in:

  1. Amazon EC2 Instance; or …
  2. Local laptop or desktop.

MiniSAP Download Options

Before you find out where to download MiniSAP versions, you need to choose which version is right for you.

As the NetWeaver software has evolved, so have the minimum hardware requirements needed to execute it. The newer versions of the software were not adapted to be able to execute in the in the older Operating Systems. If you are truly limited to a 32 bit operating system then you will only be able to use v7-02 SP06 of the software.

For Example: BW v7-4 was not compiled to execute in a 32 bit operating system.

Another important distinction between the versions is the ongoing cost to have access and to execute it. The SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP Stack v7-4 executes in an Amazon EC2 instance and is a free license (From SAP AG) but you will still have to pay for the computing and storage resources consumed (At Amazon Web Services) while you use it. There are quite a few reasons why this type of trial solution is not acceptable.

SAP BW v7-4 is available as an Amazon Web Service EC2 instance:

  • Requires an up-skilling in managing an EC2 environment;
  • I want to learn BW techniques not Amazon server management;
  • Forgetful? Leave your EC2 instance running and get billed for it;
  • Answer the phone, chat for a while and pay for unused idle time;
  • Real cash will most likely need to be paid to Amazon every month;
  • Even a couple of bucks an hour adds up over 6 months;
  • Only available online;
  • Some corporate networks are difficult to escape;
  • 30 day evaluation period.

SAP BW v7-03 and v7-02 are installed on your local laptop or desktop:

  • Your laptop is probably powerful enough (without idle time costs);
  • Your laptop does not suffer from Remote Desktop refresh latency issues;
  • Expanding the database out to 2TB is only an external drive away;
  • Available offline and behind difficult corporate network firewalls;
  • Does not cost much to leave it running 24/7 (just the electricity);
  • Can be run on an Apple Mac (with Parallels Desktop or Crossover);
  • 90 day evaluation period (can be renewed again, again and again).

One major dilemma is that there are quite a few great features that are only available in the new version of the NetWeaver software.
For Example: Advanced DataStores and Characteristics >60 in length.

It is tempting to assume that we must use the latest & greatest and be limited to the Amazon EC2 cloud solution only. Do not assume anything. I strongly recommend you start with the offline version on a laptop first. Get the know the core BW functionality, what it is, how is does it, appreciate why some DataModel choices are considered Industry Best Practices. Then you can graduate to the online cloud version and explore the newer features; they will mean a lot more too you by then and when the bill from Amazon Web Services arrives you won’t feel so bad about paying it because you get more out of each hour the service was up and running.

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