5 Reporting Variable Screen Experiences that Users Love to Complain About

Not Happy

There is no absolute right or wrong approach to designing the user experience in the reporting variable screens. However, there are a few aspects guaranteed to attract complaints about usability and confidence in the overall reporting solution.

  1. Consistent and unique text descriptions, accurately aligned to a singular business meaning. Enabling more natural creation of a data dictionary, simplifying training and improving intuitive use of the reports.
  2. Leverage a global variable sequence template across the reports. There’s rarely any ‘thanks’ for doing it, but often complaints when it isn’t.
  3. Variable screen fields should offer lists of values to choose from, that reflect my current authorisation profile. Don’t show me a global list of values to choose from, if I can’t execute the report for some of those values.
  4. Lists of variable values that are intuitive for human readability. When it is just a code, the text description should be made available for selection and searching.
  5. Need for easy sharing of global bookmarks (pre-defined variable configurations) with fellow users. Reporting data raises questions, and a users day should be spent pursuing business answers, not documenting how to re-execute reports.

Pro-active consideration and implementation of these 5 aspects does improve the reporting variable user experience, from day one.