Did you download and install the ‘SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.02 SP6 32-bit Trial’ software from the SAP Community Network (SCN)?


Once the SAP Netweaver software is up and running and you have successfully logged in; you would have started the BW Administrator Work Bench (AWB)(transaction RSA1). During the first run of the AWB you triggered a background execution of the BI_TCO_ACTIVATION job. A dialog box would have appeared and informed you of this.

On many installations the system has not been configured for optimum use of the available hardware, hence the default configuration is being used. This default configuration in a lot of cases is not enough for the BI_TCO_ACTIVATION job to complete successfully the first time. The job was canceled and never finished its full objective.

It is important that you allow this job to complete it’s activities by re-running it. It will pick up from where it fell over. On some systems this has required 3 re-starts of the job before it is completely done.

  1. In ‘Command Field’ option enter ‘/nSM37’ value.
  2. Click ‘Enter’ button.
  3. Ensure ‘Job Name’ option is ‘BI_TCO_ACTIVATION’ value.
  4. Ensure ‘User Name’ option is ‘*’ value.
  5. In ‘Job Start Condition’ group, ensure ‘From’ and ‘To’ options have appropriate dates.
  6. Click ‘Execute’ button.
    How-To Rerun BI_TCO_ACTIVATION Job 01 Job Selection
  7. Select the row of the failed job with a tick.
  8. Ensure all other rows are un-ticked.
    How-To Rerun BI_TCO_ACTIVATION Job 02 Job Overview
  9. Navigate ‘Job’ -> ‘Repeat Scheduling’ menu.
    How-To Rerun BI_TCO_ACTIVATION Job 03 Repeat Scheduling
  10. Click ‘Immediate’ button.
  11. Click ‘Save’ button.
    How-To Rerun BI_TCO_ACTIVATION Job 04 Start Immediately
  12. Click ‘Refresh’ button once in a while to see if the job has finished.
    It is very possible the BI_TCO_ACTIVATION job will fail for a second time.
    Rerun the BI_TCO_ACTIVATION job for a third (forth, fifth, etc) time until finished.
    Quite often the BI_TCO_ACTIVATION job will need to be run three (3) times.
    How-To Rerun BI_TCO_ACTIVATION Job 05 Job Overview
  13. Done.

Were you unfortunate enough to get to rerun 29? Then it’s probably an issue larger than system resources. Head on over to the SAP Netweaver Forum on SCN where you can engage with like minded Netweaver enthusiasts.