SAP BW Planning Applications and the 3 C’s

To get a better understanding of what is going on in the business processes, the transaction systems, you need the appropriate data combined within a data warehouse. The amount of business intelligence you get from the reporting system is limited by well the DataSets are integrated. This needs to be viewed along the line of…   [read more…]



Did you download and install the ‘SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.02 SP6 32-bit Trial’ software from the SAP Community Network (SCN)? Once the SAP Netweaver software is up and running and you have successfully logged in; you would have started the BW Administrator Work Bench (AWB)(transaction RSA1).¬†During the first run of the AWB you triggered…   [read more…]

Key Figure

Date Key Figures for Reporting

Do you use key figures, which are based upon the day granularity of the timeline? No, probably not. It is not a currency, quantity, integer or floating point value. It is a date that is stored as an integer in the format of YYYYMMDD. It does not count, aggregate or summarise like its integer counterpart:…   [read more…]


Process Slots and the Operating System

SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse (SAP-BW) system is fundamentally mainframe technology wrapped in modern day client server architecture. This places a multi-disciplinary requirement on those who configure and use the run-time environment. The reporting user community is the only group who does not need to know about the run-time environment in detail; they just want their…   [read more…]

Key Figure

Key Figure Sign and the Enterprise

Should the value of the key figures in a report have a preferred orientation?¬†Would mostly positive or negative be more appropriate? Can we find a solution that is best performing and easier to be understood by most people? Yes. Lets look at it strictly from the enterprises point of view and based upon the DataSet…   [read more…]