Fiscal Calendar

Fiscal Calendars for Local/Group Reporting

Within a multi-national enterprise there will always be many different fiscal calendars. Each country has its own local government tax reporting obligations that is driven by local laws. When these laws change, so does the corresponding fiscal calendar in every registered company. At a minimum, the posted transaction data for last year and all future…   [read more…]

Upgrade Cost

Who Pays for Post Upgrade Activities?

The dilemma that most enterprises face is that ‘time is money’. When we look at what is on the priority list for post upgrade activities and who is going to pay for it; the topic can get quite involved. In an enterprise where business departments are internally billed for most IT activities; it will take…   [read more…]

Process vs Storage

Enhancements and Best Practice DataModeling

We are regularly arriving at the peek of an excellent DataModel implementation that covers all the major topics of interest. Despite this, less than 12 months later we are back at the drawing board integrating a new perspective into our DataModel design decisions. One major reason for the constant evolution of implementing a DataModel is…   [read more…]

Upgrade Cost

Approving BW System Improvement and ROI

As data flows downstream, it consumes a lot of resources; both storage and processing. Optimising the data flow requires that you understand the type of objects involved, their features and the system they exist within. The system itself must be considered when optimising the data flow. There are many different aspects which impact the efficiency…   [read more…]