Creating My SAP BW Document Library

Documents are fundamentally a semi-structured way to convey an idea, mostly with words and pictures. This inherent flexibility generally produces documents of low value due to tight time constraints. They are a great idea at the time, put together quickly to serve their immediate purpose but ultimately doomed to gather electronic dust. This is why…   [read more…]

Business Process Document

Process Documents for BW Team Members

Does this sound familiar: I’ve just arrived at a new job and will be working with a BW landscape that is new to me. I’m comfortable with what I need to do but I know every system has a different way of doing it. [Yes, Really]. The software from a vendor (like SAP AG) is…   [read more…]


Custom Data Flow Diagram Features

When you look at the data flow from the DataSource to the MultiProvider you will notice that the path is made up of 2 fundamental aspects: Where data lives; Where the data flows through. The relationship between these fundamental aspects can be visualised in a number of different ways: List; Network map; Ven diagram. The…   [read more…]


Custom Data Flow Diagrams Are Invaluable

Most activities within SAP Business Warehouse require you to regularly confirm the difference between what you know versus what is really going on in the BW system itself. In the beginning, this is a steep learning curve as you spend more time absorbing the current BW system configuration rather than confirming it against what you…   [read more…]

SAP Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Logout of BW Production

Get into the habit of logging out of all Production systems, once you have completed the work. With all the possible things that can go wrong in Production, the greatest risk is the person who has the security profile to do almost anything. As a BW Developer or System Administrator you need to form habits…   [read more…]