MiniSAP Download Options

Where to Download MiniSAP?

The SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP Stack free trial has four options available. Choose the right one before finding out where to download MiniSAP?   [read more…]

Code Snippet

Supportable Coding in Data Warehousing

Not all code is created equally. So how can we get to a point where we believe the code solution presented is acceptable for use? The process of expressing an idea through code has too many factors involved to use any real scientific judgement. The very fact that we all use different benchmarks to decide…   [read more…]

Process Chain (Warning)

Process Chain Issues

The design and implementation of the perfect process chain solution is a myth. The Enhancements and Best Practice DataModeling¬†discussion outlines why the perfect process chain solution is out-dated soon after go-live. Despite that; we still need to implement process chains because the advantage of automation is still worth the time and effort. Now what? “find…   [read more…]

BEx Analysis Table

Characteristic and Key Figure for Reporting

What are Characteristics and Key Figures? You will be mistaken if you thought of them as words and numbers. Understandably, this conclusion would have been reinforced when you run a BW report using any of the consumption tools (Like: BEx Analyser, BEx Web, Crystal Reports, etc). ‚Äúto say that Characteristics and Key Figures are like…   [read more…]