Information Lifecycle Management

7Cs of BW Information Lifecycle Management

While the topic of Information Life Cycle Management (ILM) is huge, the BW ILM roadmap is quite simple: BW ILM: Create -> Curate -> Collect -> Combine -> Consume -> Conserve -> Combust. 7Cs of BW Information Lifecycle Management Create and Curate are tightly coupled to business processes that involve all aspects of the business….   [read more…]

SAP BW Upgrade

BW Feature Tests Help Set Expectations

The testing of standard BW features seems like redundant effort; especially given that SAP AG tests the core functionality before releasing patches and enhancement packs. So what makes additional testing and measuring of BW features, that should already work, worth my time and effort? Lets examine one key object. A DataStore is a corner stone…   [read more…]

SAP BW Upgrade

BW Upgrade Projects and Feature Testing

Questions that arise during a BW upgrade project include: Are the standard object features behaving as expected? Is the enhancement pack itself broken? By having a series of pre-defined feature tests available in the system, we are able to run them independently of the DataModel used in the BW production system. By being able to…   [read more…]

Cube (Inactive)

Data Staging Cubes Are a Bad Idea

A cube is designed for optimised reading of data, not writing. It is the right tool for the job of reporting. Data staging cube is the name given to a cube that is being used for a purpose other than what is optimally designed to do; where it is the wrong tool for the job….   [read more…]


A Datastore versus a Staging Cube

One of the data modeling constraints of a DataStore is the limitation of ‘How many characteristics you can put in the key field list?’. It is a design strategy that has been enforced from the database layer up to the application layer. The BW application is intentionally keeping the direct correlation between the object model…   [read more…]