SAP GUI Colour Scheme (v7.2)

Configure the SAP GUI colour schemes for each system and …

protect production systems from developers.

1. The SAP GUI Theme (v7.2)

  1. Close all SAP windows and close the SAP Logon Pad.
  2. Start the “SAP GUI Configuration” application.
  3. Navigate to “Windows Start” -> “All Programs” -> “SAP Front End”.
  4. Change the theme to “Enjoy”.
  5. Click [Ok] button to close the application.

2. Default Colour Scheme

  1. Start the “SAP GUI Configuration” application a second time.
  2. Navigate to “Windows Start” -> “All Programs” -> “SAP Front End”.
  3. Navigate to “Visual Design” -> “Colour Setting”.
  4. Click [Configure Colour Setting] button.
  5. Select the recommended default colour scheme.
  6. Click [Ok] button to close the dialog box.
  7. Click [Ok] button to close the application.

3. System Colour Scheme

  1. Logon to the system.
  2. Click [Customise Local Layout] button in the toolbar or press [ALT+F12].
  3. Select [Options] from the context menu.
  4. Navigate to “Visual Design” -> “Colours in System”.
  5. Select the recommended colour scheme for this system.
  6. Click [Ok] to exit the dialog box.
  7. Logoff the system.

4. Repeat for each System

  1. Follow the “System Colour Scheme (Step 3)” instructions for each system you want to have a different colour scheme.


System TierRecommendedMy Preferred Colour Scheme
SandpitNew Millennium
DevelopmentBright Harmonic

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