Upgrade Cost

Who Pays for Post Upgrade Activities?

The dilemma that most enterprises face is that ‘time is money’. When we look at what is on the priority list for post upgrade activities and who is going to pay for it; the topic can get quite involved. In an enterprise where business departments are internally billed for most IT activities; it will take…   [read more…]

Information Lifecycle Management

7Cs of BW Information Lifecycle Management

While the topic of Information Life Cycle Management (ILM) is huge, the BW ILM roadmap is quite simple: BW ILM: Create -> Curate -> Collect -> Combine -> Consume -> Conserve -> Combust. 7Cs of BW Information Lifecycle Management Create and Curate are tightly coupled to business processes that involve all aspects of the business….   [read more…]

Upgrade Cost

Approving BW System Improvement and ROI

As data flows downstream, it consumes a lot of resources; both storage and processing. Optimising the data flow requires that you understand the type of objects involved, their features and the system they exist within. The system itself must be considered when optimising the data flow. There are many different aspects which impact the efficiency…   [read more…]

SAP Graphical User Interface (GUI)

SAP GUI System ID and Colour

System ID Habit As a BW Developer, the SAP GUI is only one of many applications you will use throughout the work day. Efficient user of the SAP GUI is possible when you consider the experience of switching between all open application windows. For Microsoft Windows users, there are a few options available to spend…   [read more…]