Custom Data Flow Diagrams Are Invaluable

Most activities within SAP Business Warehouse require you to regularly confirm the difference between what you know versus what is really going on in the BW system itself. In the beginning, this is a steep learning curve as you spend more time absorbing the current BW system configuration rather than confirming it against what you…   [read more…]

Key Figure

Date Key Figures for Reporting

Do you use key figures, which are based upon the day granularity of the timeline? No, probably not. It is not a currency, quantity, integer or floating point value. It is a date that is stored as an integer in the format of YYYYMMDD. It does not count, aggregate or summarise like its integer counterpart:…   [read more…]

Key Figure

Key Figure Sign and the Enterprise

Should the value of the key figures in a report have a preferred orientation?¬†Would mostly positive or negative be more appropriate? Can we find a solution that is best performing and easier to be understood by most people? Yes. Lets look at it strictly from the enterprises point of view and based upon the DataSet…   [read more…]

Cube (Inactive)

Data Staging Cubes Are a Bad Idea

A cube is designed for optimised reading of data, not writing. It is the right tool for the job of reporting. Data staging cube is the name given to a cube that is being used for a purpose other than what is optimally designed to do; where it is the wrong tool for the job….   [read more…]


A Datastore versus a Staging Cube

One of the data modeling constraints of a DataStore is the limitation of ‘How many characteristics you can put in the key field list?’. It is a design strategy that has been enforced from the database layer up to the application layer. The BW application is intentionally keeping the direct correlation between the object model…   [read more…]