Process Chain (Warning)

Process Chain Issues

The design and implementation of the perfect process chain solution is a myth. The Enhancements and Best Practice DataModeling┬ádiscussion outlines why the perfect process chain solution is out-dated soon after go-live. Despite that; we still need to implement process chains because the advantage of automation is still worth the time and effort. Now what? “find…   [read more…]

Process Chain

Process Chains in Process Slots

As the features of BW and your ability to implement them grow, so too does the need to automate those features. Process chains are used to automate most of the activity within BW and they help by: Removing manual intervention (lower the risk); Executing configured activities, repeatably; Co-ordinating sequence of activities (dependency, timing, etc); Communicate…   [read more…]

Process Chain

Strategic Process Chain Design

The action of creating a process chain is rather straight forward. Once you have done a few you will be bored of the repetitive nature of the work. This realisation leads to a common approach to shove as much work into a single chain as you can possibly justify. At some point your colleagues will…   [read more…]