Master Data Maintenance for Reporting

Using BW-BPS, BW-IP or text files to maintain ‘reporting only’ data directly in BW is very flexible technique for data maintenance. It also raises a question that is more philosophical than practical: Should we centralise all master data maintenance into a single system? When the IT Department provides an enterprise landscape where data maintenance is…   [read more…]

SAP Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Logout of BW Production

Get into the habit of logging out of all Production systems, once you have completed the work. With all the possible things that can go wrong in Production, the greatest risk is the person who has the security profile to do almost anything. As a BW Developer or System Administrator you need to form habits…   [read more…]


Life Expectancy of SAP BW Solutions

What does it actually mean to be an SAP BW Solution Architect? By doing the time and learning the pieces of the puzzle and how they interact, you end up with an understanding that allows you to put together solutions that are not Off-The-Shelf (OTS).    [read more…]


Four Pillars of a SAP BW Discussion

There are four pillars that can be used as a framework to become familiar with SAP BW. The four pillars are: Is a; Has a; Kind of; Relates to. Continually going over these four pillars will help you learn, bit by bit. You will gradually understand BW from both a noun (Person/Place/Thing) and a verb…   [read more…]

Definition vs Declaration

Ideal Definition vs Declaration

To define something is to spend time in an ideal world where anything is possible and you can imagine, re-arrange and visualise the definition into anything you want. It becomes the ‘Ideal Definition’ of your goal, a master-piece waiting to take form. The sharing of this ideal definition becomes limited by the declared method of…   [read more…]