BEx Analysis Table

Characteristic and Key Figure for Reporting

What are Characteristics and Key Figures? You will be mistaken if you thought of them as words and numbers. Understandably, this conclusion would have been reinforced when you run a BW report using any of the consumption tools (Like: BEx Analyser, BEx Web, Crystal Reports, etc). “to say that Characteristics and Key Figures are like…   [read more…]


Creating My SAP BW Document Library

Documents are fundamentally a semi-structured way to convey an idea, mostly with words and pictures. This inherent flexibility generally produces documents of low value due to tight time constraints. They are a great idea at the time, put together quickly to serve their immediate purpose but ultimately doomed to gather electronic dust. This is why…   [read more…]

Business Process Document

Process Documents for BW Team Members

Does this sound familiar: I’ve just arrived at a new job and will be working with a BW landscape that is new to me. I’m comfortable with what I need to do but I know every system has a different way of doing it. [Yes, Really]. The software from a vendor (like SAP AG) is…   [read more…]